Your Local Concrete Contractor: What Can We Do For Your Home?


There are many home improvement projects that homeowners can take on themselves, but when it comes to concrete work, they should leave the project to a professional. Concrete is an important part of your home and we want you to be confident in the workmanship of every job we do for you. Here at U-Need Concrete & More, our team has been creating strong foundations for over 15 years!

If you plan to maybe put in a new driveway, perhaps a patio, or any other surface, you are probably considering doing it yourself. Unfortunately, doing it yourself will mean that you could run into practical and often aesthetic issues, sometimes safety issues. Pouring concrete yourself isn’t as simple as it appears, so there is a lot to go wrong. That’s why you need to hire professionals like us.

As a local concrete contractor, we’ve poured concrete across dozens of projects for homes and businesses across Huston, Texas. That’s why when you choose us; there is a 99% chance that your project will turn out as intended.

Pouring concrete for Driveway Installation & Repair

A driveway needs to be practical as much as it needs to be aesthetically pleasing; after all, it is one of the first things visitors will see. You can design a driveway shape to complement the existing landscape design and choose to use a myriad of colors and patterns.

We will color and even stamp your concrete to look like a variety of different natural stones. In fact, you can pull off just about any look or create something unique of your choice.

Backyard Patio Installations

Your backyard patio does not need to look like every other. In fact, you can choose to have features like a swimming pool, hot tub, or have some play equipment. Maybe you want a patio that makes hosting parties more practical, or you may wish to have an extensively flat area for running or walking. Regardless of your needs, we can help you.

We can even stamp your concrete patio with colors and patterns of your choice. So, you can have a long-lasting, real stone-appearing concrete patio for a fraction of the price!

Sidewalks and walkways

While the sidewalk and the walkways may not be the essential part of your property, it is one of the first things that guests see. That’s why you may want to make sure that it looks the best. Fortunately, you have several options in terms of design and color. You can choose a color and design that suits your home the best and allow our team to do the rest!

Our team can help you with just about anything from pouring the concrete to matching its color to the walkway or sidewalk. We can also stamp it to resemble various kinds of natural stone, so most people can’t tell them apart!

The Value of Concrete Design

The use of concrete both inside and outside your home will help stretch your dollars a little further. Most, if not all, concrete design projects are far less expensive than using natural stone like slate, marble, or granite. Furthermore, concrete is much easier to maintain, tends to be durable if poured correctly, and delivers great value. Most of all it can give your home a whole new look, without having to spend a great deal of money. So, you can upgrade your home and resale value without needing to break the bank!

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